FilterPulse™ Case Studies:

Redstone Arsenal (RSA) Housing, Huntsville, AL
Redstone purchased several FilterPulse™’s, which were installed in military family housings. Since utilities are typically provided at no charge to military families living on base, there is little incentive for conservation.Thus, dust filters are often not changed on an optimal schedule. RSA’s maintenance team typically checks HVAC systems on a six-month interval. After six months, if the tenant has not properly maintained the filter, the AC units are often very dirty requiring excessive cleaning and refurbishment. Demonstrating confidence in the FilterPulse™, Redstone placed an order for 336 to combat these maintenance problems in their housing units.

Beacon Management, Ft. Walton Beach, FL
FilterPulse™’s have been in use in Beacon’s beach side condominiums for several years. During the tourist season, the AC filters clog within a few weeks, and guests are not happy with periodic routine preventative maintenance visits. Although the maids are not trained to change the filters, they are happy to report the beeping alarm notification on their check lists. Plus, as the Beacon president said, “If the maids miss the indicator, the tenants will call the office after hearing the alarm”. Beacon placed an order for 50 units and will purchase additional to have one in every unit.

Southside Square, Huntsville, AL
A nine-story office building was equipped with 15 water cooled/heated heat pumps per floor. An individual pressure switch on each heat pump was monitored by a central monitor/control computer to provide warning of reduced flow and thus a clogged filter. However, because of flow leakage around the filter, the pressure switch arrangement never worked properly. Pressure switches were replaced with the FilterPulse™, which worked without issue. The sensors provide a warning when each individual filter becomes clogged.

Huntsville Athletic Center
The athletic center had AC problems compounded by improper filter maintenance. Shortly after installation of the FilterPulse™, a sheet rock partition was removed creating considerable dust. The FilterPulse™ notified the staff that the dirty filter required replacement. The HAC managers and owners were pleased with the performance of their new dirty filter sensor system.